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I  have been reading tome’s and novella’s over the months. One such novella is Ex Libris – Confessions of a Common Reader. As stated: “…We know fewer words, and the ones we know are less beautiful. Just listen to the words on your list! The words we’ve lost tend to be connotative and the ones we’ve gained tend to be denotative… ”

Therefore I reviewed the book The Magic of Dialogue: As stated by the author “…Once the understanding gap is understood better than it is today, the energy, creativity, and will needed to close it will pour forth in abundance. When that happens, as it must, the skill needed to master the art of dialogue will be critical…”

For “…When clients want their products in the marketplace they won’t want no ifs, ands, whereas, wherefores or buts. They’d say instead: “…Bring me a rock. It must be out there somewhere, albeit engulfed in mist.”  The truth is, it isn’t out there. Its lurking in a hidden corner of their minds. “How big a rock?”, “Don’t know just bring me a rock”. “What colour do you want?”, “Get the heck out of here, will you? And bring me a rock.”, “But how will I know if its the right rock?”, “You won’t, but I will when I see it…” As reviewed in Death of Advertising.


“I understand the challenges of pursing the life of your dreams
while keeping everything else in balance.”


~ Mavarine Abigail Du-Marie

Mavarine Du-Marie is a Holistic Life Coach (being a Licensed Teacher with Counselling Skills), and is a Professional Helper in the field of Life Skills. And she is an Affiliate member of the Institute for Learning in the UK.

Mavarine is a Tutor / National Vocational Assessor working with Edudo (in Chiswick, London UK) and has an accreditation from Highfield (HABC) the awarding body to teach. Mavarine teaches and assesses the following: Customer Service Level 2 (Award and Certificate), Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement Level 3 (Award), Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment Level 3 (Award) as well as the Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (Level 3), Pearson BTEC in Employability (Level 1) and Hospitality (Level 2) .

Mavarine is also an experienced speaker, is well-known as a warm and inspirational presenter, as Mavarine facilitates workshops on well-being in general under the trade name of ‘Desert Rose’ which looks at Personal Development Planning, Emotional Resilience and Personal Financial Management.

Mavarine is fascinated by aspects of personal development and growth, which she embodies in her work with others. Mavarine’s emphasis is to provide grounded, practical information that can be put to immediate use in life.


All contents has been written by me, Mavarine Du-Marie, and was posted originally in 1997, on the website mavarine.com. All material has now been updated (2011) and transferred to this blog site (2012) in this new formatted style.

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